The Cat

Mr. Fuzzy Rumpkins

Prowess Good 5
Coordination Good 5
Strength Incredible 7
Intellect Average 3
Awareness Good 5
Willpower Fair 4
Stamina 11
Determination 2


  • Mental Resistance – Skilled at resisting mental powers, bonus to willpower.


  • I’m a cat!
  • MEOW!
  • Humans are stupid!


  • Life Support – Supreme (10)
    Ignore all physical needs.
  • Animal Mimicry – Incredible (7)
    Can mimic the abilities of animals one at a time at your level or the subjects (whichever is lower).
  • Blast – Good (5)
    Inflicts damage equal to your level.

Fuzzy Rumpkins was a perfectly nice cat, but he should have never been given a robot body…

The Cat

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