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The World So Far

Major Earth-Shaking World Events:

  • Artificial intelligence has been outlawed after a secret decade-long war with sentient robots known as "The Secret Singularity." After secretly fighting for nearly a decade, the war spilled out into the public eye. The robots were destroyed, but at what terrible cost?! Since then true A.I. has been completely outlawed in civilized nations, and even dumb-bots and simulated intelligence constructs are viewed with disdain.

Organizations and Groups:

  • I.L.L – Super-spy organization.
  • Genetically Modified Nazi Lizardmen – Codename: Komodo.
  • An unnamed race of Squirrel-People living in a technotopia on the dark side of the moon. Shadowtail does not yet know of their existence!
  • Karthuul. A race of benevolent aliens that destroyed Gavascon (the homeworld of Prince T'um T'um).
  • Evil Society of Mental Masters (ESMM) – Basically what it sounds like. Steals children and trains them as psychic soldiers. Death is the only escape!
  • An unnamed high-tech plant science organization (military).


The Random World Building Results (notes of the yet-to-be explained)!

Power Politics (Kid Decoy Jr.)

  • Needs to respond to I.L.L
  • The original Kid Decoy's handler wants control over Kid Decoy Jr.

Technotopia (Shadowtail)

  • Squirrel people on the dark side of the moon. Shadowtail does not know.

Media & Pop Culture (Glitterball)

  • Glitterball is in a goth metal band (famous online)
  • Has been outed to the public as a superhero.

Organization, Terror (Captain John Adams)

  • Remnants of the Nazi Lizardmen
  • Codename: Komodo

Organization, Super Spy (Captain John Adams and others)

  • I.L.L.

High Society: Brimstone

  • Brimstone is super rich because his ancestor, Amythest, made a deal with the devil. She's known as the Hag of New York. Brimstone’s 170 year old great grandmother made the deal for money, longevity, and eternal beauty.

Super Prison: Tisiphone and Brimstone

  • The Maw, a catatonic demon whose mouth is a portal to a pocket hell dimension which is used as a prison.

Alien Race: Prince T’um T’um

  • Karthuul: Race that destroyed Gavascon. Not evil, Gavasconians are evil (except Prince T’um T’um, who doesn’t know.)

Family Ties: Tess and Lady Frost

  • Like sisters.

High Tech Organization: Orchid (and Gloomthorn)

  • Plant science organization (military)

Occult Entities: Minor, Brimstone (and also Tess, a little)

  • Demon and angel hierarchies.

Persecution: Quirk

  • Artificial intelligence has been outlawed after a secret decade long war with robots known as the “Secret Singularity”
  • Big crossover/reboot event for SkyFire Comics

Mystery of the Mind: Ectornado

  • Evil Society of Mental Masters (ESMM) is training psychic soldiers (stolen as children.)
  • Death is the only way out.

Supporting Cast

  • Commander Knuttnut: Leader of the Moon Squirrels.
  • Amythest, the Hag of New York: Brimstone’s 170 year old great grandmother who first made the deal with a devil for money, longevity, and eternal beauty.
  • Ambassador Webb, Hero Liaison at ILL: The boss. Also vapes.
  • Hades, a Necessary Evil: Helped secure, create, or allows the pocket dimension inside the Maw.
  • Taylor Swift, THE Taylor Swift: Rival of Glitterball.

World Building Notes

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